Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ting Jiafen

Ting Jiafen, the Chinese girl who apparently was in line for an entry in the Guiness Book of World Records with her 44-pound breasts.

We promised a translation from the Finnish when it arrived. There were two articles. Here's a transcript of the first, from a magazine called HYMY (Smile) in its November issue. For the sake of those without access to a calculator, we have included conversions from the original Metric figures.

GIANT BREASTS ON A FEMALE Half a metre long, weighing over 20 kg (44 pounds)

Chinese girl Ting Jiafen is suffering from a rare illness - her breasts grew at an unprecedented rate to become the biggest in the world. And as they were STILL growing, the doctors had to remove them surgically.

Ting Jiafen was leading a perfectly normal life for a little girl until last February, then strange things started to happen. Even before her periods had started, her breasts began their record-breaking growth. Within only six months each breast was 48cm (19 inches) long and 30cm (12 inches) wide, and weighed more than ten kilograms (22 pounds). With these measurements Ting easily beats the African woman mentioned in the Guinness Book of World records.

You might think that no one would object to having big breasts. But for Ting, normal life was no longer possible after her breasts grew. Ting's breast muscles stretched 10cm (4 inches), and in the end she couldn't even move without the help of two (2) nurses to support her breasts. For Ting, life had become hard and uncomfortable.

Ting's condition amazed the doctors. After throughly examining her, they found that the only abnormal thing about Ting's breasts was their enormous size. Their final diagnosis was simply "abnormal condition in mammary glands".

As, despite their enormous size, her breasts continued to grow, the doctors had to carry out a radical removal operation. After the operation Ting can return to normal life. And when she grows up, the doctors have promised her that she can have silicone implants - that is if she still WANTS breasts after all she has gone through!"

And here's part of the translation of an article which appeared in another Finnish magazine "7 days".

GIANT BREASTS GREW IN HALF A YEAR Chinese Ting's twenty kilogram breasts almost broke her breastbone.

"Until February, Ting Jiafen was a perfectly normal girl. Living in Southwest China, she developed just like other girls of her age.

"By May, Ting's breasts were a little over the size of a fist, but they just wouldn't stop growing. 'Otherwise my daughter developed normally. Even her periods hadn't started', said Chen Guoxia, Ting's mother.

"Two years earlier Ting had lost her ability to walk. After medical treatment her legs strengthened, and Ting was able to walk again. A year later Ting went temporarily blind, but recovered without treatment.

"By August of this year, Ting's chest had grown enormously. Each of her breasts were 48 cm long and 30 cm thick and weighed ten kilos. Ting was in enormous pain and almost unable to move. She could only lie on her back with her breasts on each side. When Ting stood up, two nurses had to carry her breasts. Otherwise her breasts would have crushed Ting's breastbone with their weight.

"The young lady was hospitalized, where they decided to operate on her. Ting's breast tissue was diagnosed as "abnormal". The operation went as planned, and Ting has fully recovered afterwards."